[Cynnabar] Armoured Practice & Monthly Tourneys.

Charles J. Cohen charles at eecs.umich.edu
Thu Dec 16 09:52:42 EST 2010

This month's Armored tourney will be a single sword round robin style.  
However, each pair fights four times, with their single sword in the
following combinations:
a) Right hand vs Right hand
b) Right hand vs Left hand
c) Left hand vs Right hand
d) Left hand vs Left hand

So you are fighting both with your on hand and off hand, against an
opponent who will also alternate with their on and off hands. If you are
ambidextrous, then you have an advantage.

One point for each win (so against each opponent you can score zero to
four points, it is not winner takes all). 

Winner is the one with the most points. If there is a tie, the top two
will fight one more bout, and they each get to choose which hand to
fight with.

See you at 2 PM in the League.

- Midair

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