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Barony of Cynnabar
Weekly Meeting Minutes
Mon, Feb 8
Pentamere Academy of Defense
Arnold attended and taught at this at this event recently.

Scribal Event
Sir Ranthulfr, Anne, Lord Arnold and Shoshanna attended the Herald's Point and Scribal Collegium in the Canton of Weld Lake this past weekend. Sir Ranthulfr taught classes.  It was reported by all that it was a fun event even though it was lightly attended.

Old Business

Baronial Transition

We will not be using St. Andrews in Dexter for the Baronial Transition.  The church has other events planned for that weekend.  We are looking for another site.
Tairdelbach will be taking a tour of his mother's church in Milan to see if it's suitable. It will cost $370.00.
Baron David and Amyon toured the Dixboro Methodist Church recently. It is free to community groups, for which we qualify. It's a great site for the event, but the date is not available.  We may use it in the future.
We are still searching for a site.
Volunteers are needed. Please check the Call for Volunteers list sent on 2/8/10.
Deputy Armored Marshal
The position is still open
Lord Vincent is the new Exchequer.
Rose Tourney
The event is listed on the Kingdom Calendar for the weekend of Sept 17-19, along with Vikings Come Home.
List Field
Vincent purchased the supplies to extend the new List Field.
Youth Swords
The items have arrived.
New Business

Shoshanna is planning to create a copy of Cynnabar arms to be posted.  More info to come.
Nicola's Books Demo
Nicola suggested to Amyon that May or June might be a good time for the demo. We  be able to extend the event outdoors.  The group suggested that April or August would be a better choices because of all the important events that occur during May and June.
More discussion to follow.
Meeting Adjourned

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