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Wed Feb 17 17:22:25 EST 2010


I thought I'd follow up the meeting minutes with additional information regarding the Silent Auction that will be held at Terpsichore.

As mentioned, our musicians and singers are in need of a sound system which will cost approximately $600. They have already raised $200 on their own -- so let's help raise more! In effort to do this we will be holding a Silent Auction at Terpsichore on March 20th.

We are asking for donations in the form of goods....or services! 

For example: 

	* Things  you could purchase (or regift): books, dishes, fabric, accessories for garb (buttons, bags, jewelry), decor for you tent or day camp.... 
	* Things you could make by hand: jewelry, trims, hats/hoods, candles, food...
	* Services you could offer: brewing, sewing, cooking, singing....
It's fun to be creative! Having a variety of price levels is also a good idea. We can also set minimum bids on items, as well, though, please be realistic! If you are 're-gifting' your donation, please be sure that it is in good to new condition. 

Not sure about something you have in mind to donate -- or already know that you'd like to bring something the day of the event? Please feel free to email me!

Items will need to be at the church by 10 am. Auction bidding will end at about 4 pm.

THL Hannah Schrieber


Please feel free to re-post to other group lists you know will be in attendance!


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