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Barony of Cynnabar
Meeting Minutes
Mon, Feb. 22, 2010
The people that attended RUM this weekend said there were many classes and several hundred people.  Attendance was well above what was expected.
The Seneschal attended Sergeant's school recently.
Garb Workday
Many people came out on Garb Day to help make the tabards.  We had Great fun and assembled a large part of the project.  

Awards nominations for the Baronial Investiture are due to Baron Gregoire and Baroness Giovanna.

Old Business
Roll of Arms
The Herald has nine submissions so far.  
Baron David will assist Shoshana in creating a physical representation of the arms. 
There will be a Heraldry workshop on Mon, March 8 at  7pm.
Grand Tourney
Looking at the Kingdom calendar and the schedule for University of Michigan football for Fall 2010, The best date for Grand Tourney is Sat, Nov. 13.
Nov 6-  home game
Nov 13- away
Nov 20-home
Nov 27-away OSU
Tairdelbach will ask Hannah to inquire about that date at her church.  Amyon will check with the availability at the Washtenaw Farm Council and make sure it gets on the Kingdom Calendar.
Nicola's Demo
The groups decided on Thurs, April 22 this event.  There is something planned but I am trying to reschedule that event to another day.  If I cannot the group said that Thurs, April 29 would be a satisfactory alternate date.
Sound System
Hannah will hold a silent auction at Terpsichore to help the Singers, Dancers and Musicians purchase the new system.  The date to discuss the policy on usage will be decided later.
Baronial Investiture, Sat, March 27, at People's Presbyterian Church in Milan
Baron Gregoire through the Seneschal reminded the group that a Lunch Tavern and Royalty Room refreshment are needed at this event.  Bjarki and crew have agreed to handle this.  A budget of $300 is proposed to cover both situations.  More discussion to follow.
Classes-Anyone who wants to teach should contact Jadwidga.  She plans to teach a class on Polish Easter eggs.  There will be one track of classes.
Feast- Renault is making the final test cook this weekend.  The feast will consist of four courses from diverse periods. There will be meat and vegetarian dishes. The final menu will be decided next week.  Renault still needs volunteers to work as servers. There are also volunteer opportunities in the kitchen during the day for prep and clean-up.   Also, if he needs large, restaurant type serving trays.
Royal Travel Fund
There will be bake sale at the Investiture.  The proceeds will added to the Baronial donation to this fund.  
This part is a clarification of the proposal:  Baron Gregoire proposes that we donate $500.00 plus the proceeds from the bake sale to the travel fund.  He says Cynnabar has not donated in a number of years.
12TH NIGHT, Sat, Jan 8, 2011
My contact at the Dixboro Methodist Church is still contacting those involved in the decision.
Terpsichore, Sat March 20, St. Paul United Church of Christ in Saline.
Aelfric still needs volunteers at gate, set-up and tear-down. Please contact him to sign-up.
Sun Shade
No new information.
Garb Project
Please see Melisant on Garb Day for assistance in making loaner items for Gold Key.
Gold Key
A new inventory is being scheduled.
Rose Tourney
There will be an all A&S competition. More discussion to follow.
Baronial Revel, April 25, Island Park
Tairdelbach proposes a $175.00 budget to cover expenses including rental and permit to have liquor. More discussion to follow.
Baronial Borders
The Seneschal reports that if an agreed upon map is signed by all parties involved, the borders will be as the map states.  Baron Gregoire and Baroness Giovanna are communicating with the Seneschals, Barons and Baronesses involved to coordinate this endeavor.
New Biz
Charity Run
Galen presented information about a charity run that the group could participate in.
Name-Big House Big Heart
Date- Oct 2, 10am
Where- University of Michigan Stadium.
Cost- $13/person
Distance- one mile
website- www.bighousebigheart.com
If we register before Aug. 31 we will get a free booth to our advertisements.  In addition we can hand out flyers as we walk.  
There are longer runs that start earlier.
More discussion to follow.
We had family of newcomers at our workshop and meeting today.   Let us welcome The Ericksons to the group.  They are all very excited about participating in the group.
Meeting Adjourned
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