[Cynnabar] Siege of Talonval Armoured Combat Note

Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski panzygmunt at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 14:27:45 EDT 2010

A quick message from the AMIC for Siege (please feel free to forward) -
I wanted to give everyone an update for the sign-in process for Siege
this year. We've had a problem with our on-the-field-numbers, and
actual signed in numbers, being different. So, I am going to adopt the
*some* of the same process for signing in that is used at Pennsic:

Your site token, membership card* and auth card. You can't fight without them.

When you get inspected, you will be given a sticker on your helmet.
After you are inspected and stickered, go to the list table and sign
in, as well as sign up for whatever events you are taking part in.

This is going to be set up like an assembly line -
inspections/stickers, sign in/show cards, then sign up for events &
fighting. Every effort will be made to make the process go as smoothly
as possible. I am also going to make sure to have things run on
regular time, NOT SCA time, as much as humanly possible.

If you do not have a sticker, you can't fight. Please don't gripe at
any of the other Marshal's or list Master/Mistresses about this. if
you have an issue, come see me, because they are doing what I tell

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

- Zygmunt Nadratowski

* the paper print off of your membership is fine if you just re-newed
and haven't gotten your card in the mail yet.

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