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Greetings to who are attending Pennsic!

[PLEASE forward this message to those who you know are camping with us as guests 
and may not be included on our Baronial email lists so they may have all this 
information as well.]

Tairdelbach and I are thrilled about this first Pennsic serving as Baron and 
Baroness. We would like to pass along the information below so everyone is made 
aware of activities and announcements for the Barony!

First off -- if you have NOT already given Sir Straum your tent size -- please 
do so immediately!!! We use this information to layout the camp map so that 
every tent fits properly. You can email him at (straum at comcast.net). 

We are looking forward to continuing the tradition  of Baronial (Drunken) Court 
to be held on Wednesday evening (8/11).  We will also be continuing "Cynnabar's 
Got Talent" -- "THE" place to  show off your, um, 'best' abilities! In the 
interest of time, we ask  that you please let either Tairdelbach or I know in 
advance of court Wednesday  evening if you wish to participate. We will not be 
taken entries during  the show itself -- so if you would like to perform -- just 
let us know  and you'll be added to the list! 

BUT wait, there's more! As a new addition this year we'd like to encourage all 
to eat together in camp and have "A Baronial Thanksgiving". We will be providing 
'turkey' (though, it'll probably be chicken) and are encouraging all to 
participate by coming early for potluck dinner with court to follow. Plan on 
dinner at about 5:30. There are MANY things that can be easily cooked in camp or 
quickly mixed-up from packages. Hannah will send an email with suggestions at a 
later date. Sticking to the "Thanksgiving" theme is fun -- but not necessary. 
Creativity is encouraged and could possibly be recognized in court later 
(wink-wink). We plan on court immediately following, roughly about an hour after 
dinner starts then the talent show to follow. In the past we've all traveled as 
a group out towards shopping afterward for "Midnight Madness" Shopping night. 

The other court you should know about is Midrealm court which is held on 
Thursday night (8/12) in the barn. This starts at 8 pm -- and all are encouraged  
to attend as well. Please be advised to bring a chair!

Goes with the courts above! If you have ideas on people you'd like to suggest to 
receive either Baronial or Kingdom awards -- please write us to let us know! On 
the Midrealm awards, should we deem it fit, we may also decide to write in a 
recommendation for that person -- so we encourage you to let us know when you 

If this is the first time you are attending Pennsic, We would be honored to give 
you a quick tour. Please join Baroness Hannah and Baron Tairdelbach for a tour 
of the highlights of Pennsic. It's a big place -- and there's lots to see and 
do! We will leave from camp after Opening Ceremonies on Sunday  (8/8) about noon 
depending on how long Opening Ceremonies run. If you'd like to join, please let 
us know so we can make sure we're all together before we leave.

Their Majesties have asked that each Barony in the Midrealm provide service 
through retaining for them or  guarding the Midrealm Royal Encampment during 
Pennsic. We have chosen Sunday (8/8) afternoon for these shifts so we can all 
volunteer together. Please contact Baroness Hannah for a shift. You are 
encouraged to 'find a buddy' to help make your shift go faster -- though it's 
not required! 

They will be as follows:
Guards -- 2 people per shift: Sunday 8/8: 2-3 pm., 3-4 pm, 5-6 pm

2 people per shift for Her Majesty, From 2-4 pm and from 4-6 pm

1 person per shift for His Majesty (though 2 would probably be fine, if we have 
more people that would like to sign-up); From 2-4 pm and from 4-6 pm

If you have questions about what's required -- please just email Hannah. It is 
not a difficult job, it can be a lot of fun, and you will get to see and be a 
part of a lot of things that you may not typically be able to see!

Note to Peers: I'm told that you should have already received an email with an 
electronic sign-up for the Peer on Duty position. I  encourage you to choose 
times that correspond to the dates that we've chosen (Middle Sunday afternoon) 
-- and if they are not available...well, I just encourage you to volunteer as 
Peer on Duty!

It is the pleasure of the Barony of Cynnabar to help host this well looked 
forward to event! This year the Tournament will be held on second Monday (8/9) 
on the Red List from 1- 6 pm. We will need help with setting up shade flies and 
setting out snacks and drinks for the fighters. If you'd like to help, please 
let either of us know.

If you have any questions or concerns about these events, please let us know.

Thanks so very much and we look forward to the end of the month! (Sew on!)

Baron Tairdelbach and Baroness Hannah

 There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that 
reflects it. ~Edith Wharton

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