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Just wanted to send out a final reminder that the Saline Celtic Festival is
this coming Saturday 17 July 2010 at Mill Pond Park in Saline, MI.

All the information you need should be below...

*Friday Night Set-up
*Friday night set-up will begin at about 6:30 on the 16th and will go until
we are finished with it. This usually only takes a couple hours, and
generally just involves setting up the list field and one storage/changing
tent. The tent we set up and the tent provided by the festival will serve as
the storage for any items left overnight. Friday evening is also where I
will be able to get you wrist bands for free entry if you cannot get to the
park before 8:30am Saturday. I have also arranged with our Festival contact
that people coming to gate in garb and saying they are with the SCA will be
able to get in without charge.

*Anyone needing to get their car into the park to drop stuff off will need
to be in by 8am and out before 9am. After this you will need to be able to
get anything you need in on the shuttle busses.

The parade starts at 10. We need to start lining up around 9 at the old
middle school. This is the same school where we park our cars so that makes
it very easy. If you do not wish to walk in the parade then you will need to
get your car to the school and ride a shuttle back down to the park.

After the parade we will be back at the park and will start our demo shows
in the list at noon. Shows will last for about 20 or 30 minutes and will
occur at the top of the hour every hour until 5 or 6.

The day will end with us being able to bring in our cars to load back up. I
do not have a time for this yet, but in the past it has been @ 7pm and that
is what I expect again this year. I will let everyone know what time we can
bring our cars back in that morning. If you see merchants or other
reenactors bringing in their vehicles prior to the time I have given this
DOES NOT mean that we can start getting our cars. I will have spoken with
the festival staff about this and we will abide by their requests. In years
past we have been reprimanded for trying to bring in vehicles early I do not
want to deal with this again.

So that is what we will be doing…now you’re asking where it’s all going to

Mill Pond Park on Bennett Street in Saline. Here’s a Google maps link:

> http://maps.google.com/maps?q=42.170862,-83.79427&num=1&sll=42.170529,-83.792381&sspn=0.010608,0.019205&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=42.170338,-83.792381&spn=0.011005,0.019205&z=16
> **
> The marked point is not the actual address for the park...Bennett St. ends
> in the parking lot for the park. Once in the lot you will see that there is
> a road that goes into the park as a circle drive. drive to the end of the
> circle drive and then out into the park. We will be along the river on the
> right hand side.
> **
> *Arriving Saturday*
> There are several options for arriving Saturday.
> 1) Dropping stuff off and walking in with the parade. Get in and out of the
> park by 8 am and park your car at the Old Middle School on Ann Arbor-Saline
> Road, and walk in with the parade.
> 2) Not Dropping stuff off and walking in the parade. Just park at the Old
> Middle School and walk in with the parade. Come dressed in your Garb for the
> day.
> 3) Dropping stuff off and not walking in the parade. Get in and out by 8am
> and park your car at the old middle school and ride a shuttle bus in before
> the parade if there's time, or wait until after the parade to get the bus
> back.
> 4) Not dropping stuff off and not walking in the parade. You can just park
> at the Old Middle School and ride the bus in any time before or after the
> parade.
> If you do not walk in the parade or get dropped off at the park prior to
> 8am you will either need to have a wrist band which you can get Friday night
> or early Saturday morning, or you will need to show up at the gate in Garb
> and state that you are with the SCA doing re-enactments to get in without a
> charge. If you run into issues without a wrist band have the gate person
> contact the Festival coordinator for the reenactors who can get me if
> needed.
> I hope to see you all there! And of course if you have any questions please
> let me know.
> Tairdelbach
> They deem me mad for I will not sell my days for gold; I deem them mad for
> they think my days have a price.
> -- Kahlil Gibran
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