[Cynnabar] NEED Retainers, Guards and Award recomendations!

Hannah Schreiber hannahschreiber at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 15:16:39 EDT 2010


Just thought I'd write quickly to let you know that I'm still in need of  guards 
and retainers for Sunday, August 8th at Pennsic. It's a great service that our 
Barony can provide the Crown and as far as  jobs go -- fun and easy! Please 
email me if you are able to take a  shift!

I have 2 retainer shifts still open (one for her Majesty, one for his)  at 4-6 

and 3 guard shifts open:
one from 2-3 pm; 2 from 3-4 pm

Tairdelbach and I are putting together the court list for Baronial Court 
(Wednesday evening, 8/11). If you know of anyone who you feel should receive an 
award -- please send us your recommendation. We need these now, please!

If you are unsure who has what -- our webmister, Lord Aaron, has temporarily put 
up the Cynnabar OP. You can find it at:

Thanks so very much!
Baroness Hannah

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