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Greetings All-
I enjoyed the Corner Brewery site, as well.  At the risk of repetition, we
didn't have to hunt for parking or deal with downtown traffic, food and
drink were available, and I found it to be a comfortable atmosphere.  They
do have a standing age limit - Bjarki is going to talk with them about the
possibility of special dispensation for our group.  Hopefully that will
become a non-issue.  It was a little hard hear some people last night.
Rearranging how we set up and people speaking up would be simple steps to
resolving the acoustic issue.

Bjarki suggested we start out by keeping our space at UofM for most meetings
and having the last meeting of each month at CB.  This seems like an
exceptional plan.  It allows us to give the Corner Brewery a fair chance and
keep our UofM space in case CB does not work out.

The only thing I see as a show stopper (based one one meeting) is the age
restrction.  I believe we should remain inclusive even if we don't have any
underage attendees at this time.  Again, Bjarki talking with the managment
could well resolve this for us.

I enjoyed last night very much.  I think the casual location lent a note of
camaraderie I have not seen in the meetings.  I even met someone new (and it
was lovely to meet you Jami).  My vote is to give the Conrer Brewery a

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 7:46 AM, L R <zinia_flower at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I just wanted to say what a great time I had at the meeting last night.  It
> was so much fun hanging out with friends after the meeting!  I think the
> Corner Brewery would be a great place to have our meetings.
> Halima
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