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Barony of Cynnabar
Meeting Minutes
Mon, July 26, 2010
Barony Group Photo
There will be a group photo taken sometime during Pennsic for the website main page.  See Baron Tairdelbach for details.

Pennsic Retainer Duty
Retainers are needed.  Please contact Her Excellency Baroness Hannah if you are interested.  
Available Retainer Shifts:
2 retainer shifts- 
    (one for Her Majesty, one for His Majesty) from 4-6 pm
Pennsic Knowne World Baronial Championship Tourney
This event is scheduled for Monday of War week, from 3p-6p. We are on the Red List. Volunteers are needed for set-up at 2pm and clean-up afterward.

Pennsic Baronial Court
Baronial Court will be held on Wednesday.  The schedule starts at 5:30pm (new time) and will be as follows:
-Pot Luck
-Baronial Court 
-Cynnabar's Got Talent

Pennsic Camp Tour
Their Excellencies will lead a Pennsic camp tour on the middle Sunday.

Pennsic Tents
If you have not done so, please send your tent size to Straum as soon as possible. It's especially important this year because Straum reports that the Barony has its usual location, but we are compressed.  Space will be tight, but we will be ok.
Award Recommendations
Suggestions are being taken for Baronial Awards at Pennsic and Kingdom awards at Grand Tourney. Please send your submissions to Their Excellencies Baron Tairdelbach and Baroness Hannah
Medieval Shoes
Baron Gregoire reports that the shoes have still not arrived.  He says the shoes have been ordered and the money has been paid.  He does not know why they have not arrived.

Pennsic Hiatus
There will be no workshops or business meetings during Pennsic.  
There will be no armored fight practice during Pennsic.
There will be no fencing practice Sun, Aug 8

Garb Workday
Costume Shop 
Quirk Building
Eastern Michigan University
Melisant reports that this Sat, July 31, will be the last garb workday before Pennsic.
Practice is held on Thursday's at Dillon's house from 5:30p until dark. The address is 330 West Clark road, Ypsilanti, MI 48198.

Bjarki reported he and many others in the Barony attended Simple Day in the Country.  He said that six people in the Barony are members of the unbelted team: Baron Tairdelbach, Sgt. Midair, Sgt. Irenfist, Captain Ian, Sgt Bjarki and Baron Gregoire.   It was also reported that it was VERY HOT.

Their Excellencies reported that there seems to be a trend at the last few Kill and Grills toward smaller attendance.  Also not many people stay for the grilling.                                                 
Amyon reported that several newcomers attended this practice.  One family was from the Celtic Fest, the other family had seen the group practicing recently and decided to drop by.  They all seem to have a good time.

Baron Tairdelbach reports that for the Pentamere Regional Practice on Tues, July 20, at Island Park, the only fighters in attendance were five people from Cynnabar:Baron Tairdelbach, Baron Gregoire, Master Midair, Captain Ian and Sgt. Ironfist

Old Business

Sun Shade
APPROVED-Baron Tairdelbach researched and found high-wind stakes for $4.95 each plus shipping at an online army-navy store.  He reports that regular stakes are available for $2.25 each plus shipping from Falls Creek Sutlery.

The Baron proposes that the Barony purchase: 
12 high-wind stakes @ $4.95 each = $60.00  
20 regular stakes    @  $2.25 each = $45.00   
Shipping                                    = $33.75
                             Grand Total  =$138.75 
Aaron and Jadwiga have agreed to be the autocrats for Wassail.  They plan to contact Baron David for info on the possibility of renting the Grange Hall.  Best dates are Dec 11 and Dec 18.  More info to come.

Manchester Library Demo
Sat, Aug. 21, 12p-4p
912 City Rd
Manchester, Mi 48158

I know that attention is focused on preparing for Pennsic.  I would ask the Barony to keep in mind that it would be great to make a good showing at this event.  If it goes well there is potential to increase our numbers and have a say in scheduling if it happens again next year.
Parking- The volunteers will park in the back.  The lot is fairly large and is located across the street from the site.
Water- A local merchant has been asked to donate 10 cases of bottled water.
Period Fables- Arin is supplying the info.
Manchester community fencers- There is one person who is interested in fencing with the SCA. He came to practice recently and plans to return.
Latest Update:
We now have access to three tents- 
2- 12' x 12'
1- 10' x 20'
Sat, March 19, 2011
St. Paul United Church of Christ 
Saline, Mi
Aelfric reports that the church has changed its policy on room use.  We will no longer be allowed to enter the Santuary and the small chapel.  Court will be held in the Main Hall on the lower level.
Aaron will coordinate the European Music and Dance.
Halima? will coordinate the Middle Eastern Dance Events
Aelfric presented a budget proposal of $910 for Terpsichore 2011.
The budget is scheduled for a vote on Mon, Aug 23.

Clinton Fall Festival
Sept 24-26
Clinton, MI
Baron Tairdelbach was approached about the Barony participating in this event.  There is nothing new to report except that it is the same weekend as Coronation.

Longbow Competition

Renaissance Festival- Holly, Mi
Sept 25-26
It was reported that Dillon said there is a $10.00 entry fee for anyone who wants to participate in the Longbow competition. Check the website-www.michrenfest.com for more info.  At the top of the website go to-- Special Events--contests--Sept 25/26--Longbow. 

U-M Recruiting
Festifall- Wed, Sept 8
Northfest- Tues, Sept 14
Jadwiga has registered the Barony for Festifall.  She is waiting for confirmation on Northfest. This is our best opportunity to recruit from the University of Michigan.  There will be a call for volunteers after Pennsic. 
It was suggested that the Mass Meeting for newcomers be held at the Michigan Union. Jadwiga will find out the best available date for room rental.  More info to come. 

The group is considering changing banks from the University of Michigan Credit Union.  More research is needed.

Armored Helmets
The order is confirmed. We are still waiting for delivery. The order is for one medium and one extra large helm from Ashcraft Baker.

Pennsic Arms Display
The Herald has received 33 entries. 

Big House Big Heart Charity Run
Oct, 2-3, 
University of Michigan Football Stadium

Registration before Aug 31 is $13/person.  Sign-up is on an individual basis. Contact Galen for more info.


Grand Tourney
Sat, Nov 20, 2010
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
30650 Six Mile Rd
Livonia, Mi 48152
Nothing new to report.

12th Night
Sat, Jan 8, 2011
Dixboro United Methodist Church
5221 Church Road
Ann Arbor, MI  48105
Nothing new to report.
Sun Shade Repair
Baron Gregoire has nearly completed repairs to the Sun Shade.  He estimates he will need less than $50.00 to finish.  More info to come. 

Ypsilanti District Library Demo-Whittaker Road  
The group has chosen Sun, Oct 10, 2010, as a tentative date pending any scheduling conflicts with other SCA events.  More info to come.

Financial Policy
If the fundraiser is done by a group representing the Barony it goes to the general fund.  If the group needs an item.  They can bring the proposal to the group, hold a fundraiser to offset the costs of the item, then ask the Barony to help purchase the item if the fundraiser was not enough.
This policy has been in place since last year.  

New Meeting Site Tryout
The Corner Brewery
720 Norris Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

The group liked meeting at this site.  The group is considering using it for the last business meeting of the month.  The concern is that people under 21 are not permitted without an adult/guardian at any time.  Bjarki said that he will speak to the management about this issue. 
The next business meeting will be after Pennsic Mon, Aug 17, 2010, at the Michigan League.
The next proposed meeting at Corner Brewery will be Mon, Aug 30.
Open Positions
The following positions are now open:
-Minutes Note-Taker
Jadwiga is interested in the Chronicler: Arin is interested in the MOAS.  
If anyone else is interested in any open position please contact the Seneschal.
Loaner Armored Equipment
Uillec asks that anyone interested in using the loaner equipment please contact him in advance of fight practice.  He has not been attending practice due to injuries.
Midrealm Tax Realignment
The Exchequer reports that for tax purposes the Midrealm will be incorporated by state. This is a paperwork issue.  The general populace will not notice any difference in their SCA life.
New Business
Baron Gregoire reported that the Barony has a Facebook page with wrong information and the web links need to be updated. Baroness Hannah, Lady Erin, Baroness Giovanna and the Seneschal are moderators to this page. Giovanna and Hannah will make the current updates needed for the page.

It was also brought up that permission should be requested from the group before creating any Facebook or other web-based page in the name of Cynnabar. 
Spring R.U.M. 2011
Her Excellency Baroness Hannah reports that the Barony is being asked if we would like to host this event in the spring, probably February.  One of the issues is that we will be just finished with 12th Night in January and preparing for Terpsichore in March.
Barony would need to provide:
Staff (Set-up, Clean-up, Troll)
Lunch Tavern
Possibly a Feast
Royalty considerations (room, lunch, staff, etc.)
RUM staff would provide:
Class organization

More info to come.
Crazy Wisdom Ad
The free ad is due August 28.  Amyon will post her suggestion to the list.



Though I strive for accuracy, I apologize for any mistakes.

Meeting Adjourned
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