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Hello all,

I'd like to encourage you to bring your arts and sciences to coronation, where there will be two competitions.  Neither requires documentation, though you may include it if you like (see rules below).  Let's show the kingdom what fantastic arts Cynnabar has to offer!


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>> Greetings to the Artisans, Crafters, and Scholars of the Known World,
>> from T.H. Lord Kenna McKenna, CE,
>> MoAS for the Barony of the Middle Marches, and
>> A&S Steward for the Coronation of TRH Ullr and Annelyse
>> Good Gentles All I pray you pay heed,
>> Their Royal Highnesses Ullr and Annelyse will ascend to the Dragon Thrones 
>> on Saturday, September 25, in the pleasant city of Granville, Ohio within 
>> the borders of the Barony of the Middle Marches.
>> If you pursue any of the Gentle Arts and Sciences I invite you to do Honor 
>> to Their Dread Majesties Radagaisus and Ceinwen, and Their Royal Heirs Ullr 
>> and AnneLyse through the sharing your knowledge and skill by presenting 
>> example of your skill. There will be two A&S competitions held:
>> -- The "First Tries" competition. Sponsored by THL McKenna, this competition 
>> is intended to encourage the populace to 'just do stuff.' The "First Tries" 
>> competition has been a success at several events. It has only one 
>> criterion--it's the entrant's first try at something they've never done 
>> before and/or have minuscule experience with. Its rules are appended below.
>> -- Patronesses of the Gentle Arts Competition. Sponsored by the Barony of 
>> the Middle Marches. As time is short before the event there is no 
>> particular theme. Documentation is suggested, but not required. As our 
>> Royal Ladies are noted patronesses of the Arts and Sciences there will be 
>> three prizes; one will be judged by Her Highness Annelyse, one by Her 
>> Majesty Ceinwen, and one by their hostess, Her Excellency, Isabeau de 
>> Forbeis, Baroness Middle Marches. Artisans should also feel free to bring a 
>> display of their work, even if they do not wish it considered in the 
>> contest.
>> Inquires may be sent to me at: <mckennawerks at gmail dotcom>
>> An' you will, please post this request far and near, as chance may allow 
>> you.
>> Yours in Service,
>> McKenna
>> ****************************
>> "First tries" Competition
>> Criteria: It has only one criterion--it's your first try at something you've 
>> never done before and have minuscule experience with.
>> Documentation required: What it is and who you are. That's it. Post cards
>> and pens will be provided. No kidding, you don't have to write a master's
>> thesis with pictures with circles and arrows, just what it is and who you
>> are.
>> Mechanics: There'll be a table set up for display if you want to let folks
>> see it. IF YOU DON'T want to display it for everyone to gawk at, you DON'T
>> have to! Leave it in your car and put a card on the table. At some point
>> during the day I will track you down you can show it to me then--nobody else 
>> has to see.
>> After I've looked at all the items I will apply a vague set of criteria that 
>> includes complexity, originality, how spectacularly it failed (or succeeded, 
>> but let's be realistic here--it's a FIRST try), and probably a magic eight 
>> ball. One (or more) entrants will be recognized with a token and some nifty 
>> prize still TBD.
>> This category is open to all, whether you are experienced or novice artisan 
>> because it has the level playing field of "ain't never done that."
>> The fine print: Don't game me . . . For example, if you've been doing 
>> early 14th century English calligraphy for years, doing your 'first' scroll 
>> in late 13th century Flemish hardly counts as "miniscule experience"--expand 
>> your horizons. I'm not looking for polishing existing skills, do something 
>> NEW.
>> And OK, first can be a relative term. For example, if you've never thrown
>> clay cups on a wheel before, your first hundred or so tries will probably
>> go right back in the scrap bucket. You can enter the one that finally 
>> turned out. If you've never tried calligraphy before you don't have to 
>> bring the reams of crumpled up practice sheets, bring the scroll you like 
>> best. OTOH, if you've never tried calligraphy before, the
>> practice sheet where you finally made the perfect Blackletter "S" would be a 
>> cool entry.
>> The point here is try something new.
>> See you there,
>> McKenna
>> Middle Marches MoAS
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