[Cynnabar] Monday workshop - Membership Retention

Anne Stevenson elaine242 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 13:30:06 UTC 2011

Hi everyone -

Just to let you know I will be running a workshop this Monday at 7pm on
Membership Retention.  This workshop will happen before our weekly business
meeting.  This Monday we are meeting at the Borders on Ann Arbor-Saline

A blurb about what topics I will be covering:

There has been a lot of fantastic work on how to recruit new members in the
SCA, but not as much work on how to keep membership numbers.  The importance
of recruitment should not be understated, but it should also be equally
important to try to find ways to keep current members, to analyze why we
lose participants, and to reevaluate our regional and local goals in order
to keep our groups fresh and exciting for people that have been involved for
1 month, 1 years or decades!!

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

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