[Cynnabar] Weekly meeting minutes for April 18, 2011

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Weekly meeting minutes for April 18, 2011

- Master Llewellyn (Kingdom MoAS) has commented that there are not a lot of
entries for the upcoming Pentamere A&S Faire on May 17th.  There is still
plenty of time to enter and represent!!
- We have a new King and Queen - Arch and Runa, hoobah!
- We also have a new Kingdom Rapier Champion, Cynnabar's Alexander Drake!!

Event and Demo Reports:
- Coronation - was cold, but good!  His Grace Dag won the holmegang

Old Business:

Archery practice:
April 19th at 5:30 - weather pending (as of this morning, this was

Grand Tourney (December 3rd):
At the first meeting in May there will be a presentation about the vision,
budget and staff for this year's event.

Champion's Tourney (May 1st)
Their Excellencies invite you to come to Island Park for a day of in-garb
reveling, potlucking, socialization and of course, the Baronial Champion's
Their Excellencies plan to have a Baronial photo taken as well, so brush
your hair!  :)

Officer Positions:
We are still in need of a Chronicler and a Deputy Seneschal (to become
Bjarki's replacement at Pennsic)
If you are interested, please talk more to Bjarki or Their Excellencies.

Donation Policy:
More to come - this is still being drafted.

Gorget Workshop:
Gregoire will post more regarding this.

Meeting Rooms:
25 people attended tonight's meeting!  We would like to see if Borders could
continue to be a viable option.  We will meet at the Corner Brewery in
Ypsilanti next week, but will meet back at Borders the first 2 meetings in

Half-Century Holiday (May 14th)
We still need servers for lunch tavern - please contact Her Excellencies
Hannah if you can help!

Fencing Equipment:
$800 was allotted to buy new loaner fencing gear.  Arnold may now be able to
get some of this equipment at cheaper prices and has asked if he can buy a
few more items as long as he comes within budget.  Some concern was had over
quality vs. quantity, but it will be items such as bags and gorgets where
financial corners can be cut, not on swords and masks.

New Business:

Event Proposal: Cynnabar's Fiber Faire
Halima brought before the group a proposal for a fiber arts event to be
sponsored by the group.  It would be held in Chelsea sometime either in late
September or early October.  We would be able to get the site free!  There
would be classes and demonstrations of the fiber arts and possibly a bean
count A&S display.

Informational Signs:
The Chatelaine has proposed the group buy two plastic informational signs
which can be set up at practices, demos, meetings, etc and hold flyers and
other needed information.
His Grace Dag has said that he might be able to find wholesale prices -
the original proposed cost was 2 signs for $90.
More information on this to follow.

Officer Reports:

We are still a Barony!
May 1st is the Champion's Tournament - they hope to see everyone there!
If you have Baronial award recommendations, please submit to Them.
New thrones are done - what should be done with the old ones?  Ideas?  Let
Their Excellencies know.

Spam controls have been worked on and there have been updates on the web

Fencing Marshal:
Next week

Knights Marshal:
No practice on Easter
The next practice will be the Champion's Tourney at Island Park
Lots of new fighters!!

Lots of newcomers - make sure to take a moment to introduce yourself and
make them feel welcome!
There will be updates to the Chatelaine website in the future
Survey results have been compiled and will be sent out in a PDF.
I would like to use this for future brainstorming on recruitment/retention

1st Monday of the month are Heraldry nights at Simcha's house in Milan. 7pm!

Report is in!
Wednesday night is project night at Arin's house.
She also plans to have more project work be done at fighter practices.

We have money!

Bjarki plans to step down in August and is seeking a replacement.
Please let me know if you are interested.

My apologies for any mistakes or needed corrections!

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