[Cynnabar] Armoured Melee Practice.

Art Sinclair tairdelbach at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 19:04:40 UTC 2011

Hello All!

This is the formal anouncement for the start of Summer Armoured Melee

The first practice will be on 4 May 2011. That is next Wednesday. And we
will hold practice on Wednesday of every week thereafter until Pennsic.

The practice will be held at our traditional location at Washtenaw Community
College. In the bowl area behind the Business school. I have attached a link
below with the location pinned on it.

Practice will begin promtly at 7pm (this means in armour and ready to
go...so getting there earlier is advised) and will go until 9.

Practice will take place rain or shine. If it's raining or otherwise
unsuitable for practice we will still meet at WCC and then find an
indoor location so that we can talk about what we have been doing.

Looking forward to seeing all the armoured fighters there!


They deem me mad for I will not sell my days for gold; I deem them mad for
they think my days have a price.
-- Kahlil Gibran
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