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Melanie Schuessler melanie at faucet.net
Tue Mar 8 16:47:30 UTC 2011

I would like to second Sir RanthulfR's thoughts.  I would also add that as one of those "Arts and Science persons" who normally does the Celtic Fest, I would feel guilty about skipping it even though I'd much rather attend the Siege.  The tradition of service in the SCA is wonderful, but as RanthullfR says, events are what we do.

I know there's no easy answer here, but perhaps His Excellency Tairdelbach could inquire about the possibility of us not doing Celtic Fest this year but returning next year?

willing to serve as always, but also wanting to play

On Mar 8, 2011, at 10:53 AM, Randy Asplund wrote:

> Arin and I plan to be at Talonval.
> Its a shame that we have them the same weekend. We do also want to support our neighboring shire. Maybe it would be wise to make a request that Talonvale try hard not to schedule their event on the same weekend as when a huge portion of their attendees would have a commitment elsewhere?
> I do think it is important to retain the Celtic fest demo. However, we seem to be a pretty major site there, and frankly, I would be quite surprised if that committee didn't recognize the value of having something so showy as the SCA at the festival. Baron Tairdelbach would have a much better clue about this, while I have no inside information, but I'd be very shocked if they didn't take us back the following year because we declined 100% this year.
> So here's a question: If my hunch is correct, and we decided to drop Celtic Fest 100% this year and promise a 100% participation next year, regardless of whether Talonvale hosted their event the same weekend, would we be willing to commit to that? Talonvale would know well ahead, so they could make that choice of dates knowing what it meant.
> I feel a bit uneasy about asking anybody (the A&S) people to forego the Talonvale event when the rest of us fighters have an excuse to go. The demo is important, but after all, events are what we do, and demos are what we do to tell people what we do. So if we choose a demo instead of what we do, it seems counter to the point.
> RanthulfR

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