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Hi everyone,

So here is the deal with Talonval/Celtic Fest and the scheduling conflict.

I think it is important to point out that it was the Celtic Festival that
chenged their schedule by moving up their event a week this year. I have
spoken with our contact at the festival and they are aware that we may be
light and/or no shows at the festival this year because of this...and seem
to be ok with that knowing that schedules are tricky and almost impossible
work out for everyone. They are looking at a variety of new dates to help
their attendance...but have not settled on anything...but I was told that
having it that close to July 4th is not likely to happen again.

Talonval has long been aware of the Celtic Fest and had a good weekend
picked out for their event that worked for us all. They have their own
concerns to take into account for scheduling as well...July 4th is a
problematic weekend for both Talonval and the Festival.

The summer SCA schedule is in a bit of flux too, with Baron Wars making a
well advised move to later in the year so weather doesn't harm that event.
So I think it is premature to ask Talonval to look at schedule changes, as
my suspicion is that next year the Festival will be on it's usual weekend or
at least not in a direct conflict with Talonval.

For this year at the Festival I have asked Sir William (you may remember him
as Sir Kieran) and his household Leonthas to cover the fighting for us,
since they are often there in support of the jousting as well. He agreed
that he would be willing to do that for us. So that was a big help in
covering that aspect of the festival Demo and I am personally very
appreciative of his willingness to make that sacrifice.

I agree it is unfortunate to have to ask people to skip an event...and if we
cannot cover the festival demo then we will have to decline, however, I
remain hopeful that we can find a way to cover the demo with a smaller staff
than typical to keep our presence there fresh in peoples minds. However if
the group feels that this is not a tenable situation I will go back to the
festival and pass along our regrets for this year.

I hope this sheds some more light on the issues involved, and I am happy to
address any other questions that may be out there regarding this.


On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 11:07 AM, Anne Stevenson <elaine242 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sir RanthulfR,
> Thank you for your thoughts!  I just want to mention that there is no
> requirement for anyone to change their plans to attend Celtic Fest instead
> of Talonval.  I realize that most people (if not all) will not wish to miss
> out on Talonval.  So it is possible that we will not have the attendance,
> and if that is the case, we will make due and try to push hard for next
> year.
> I think it is reasonable for us to bring up this scheduling problem with
> Talonval - we have had numerous Talonval attendees in the past and it would
> be great for us to do both events together, if possible!!  However, they may
> have their own reasons for scheduling their event on a particular date, and
> we may have to find possible solutions if this happens again.
> Thanks again!
> Yours,
> Giovanna
>   On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 10:53 AM, Randy Asplund <randyasplund at comcast.net
> > wrote:
>> Arin and I plan to be at Talonval.
>> Its a shame that we have them the same weekend. We do also want to support
>> our neighboring shire. Maybe it would be wise to make a request that
>> Talonvale try hard not to schedule their event on the same weekend as when a
>> huge portion of their attendees would have a commitment elsewhere?
>> I do think it is important to retain the Celtic fest demo. However, we
>> seem to be a pretty major site there, and frankly, I would be quite
>> surprised if that committee didn't recognize the value of having something
>> so showy as the SCA at the festival. Baron Tairdelbach would have a much
>> better clue about this, while I have no inside information, but I'd be very
>> shocked if they didn't take us back the following year because we declined
>> 100% this year.
>> So here's a question: If my hunch is correct, and we decided to drop
>> Celtic Fest 100% this year and promise a 100% participation next year,
>> regardless of whether Talonvale hosted their event the same weekend, would
>> we be willing to commit to that? Talonvale would know well ahead, so they
>> could make that choice of dates knowing what it meant.
>> I feel a bit uneasy about asking anybody (the A&S) people to forego the
>> Talonvale event when the rest of us fighters have an excuse to go. The demo
>> is important, but after all, events are what we do, and demos are what we do
>> to tell people what we do. So if we choose a demo instead of what we do, it
>> seems counter to the point.
>> RanthulfR
>>  On Mar 8, 2011, at 10:08 AM, Anne Stevenson wrote:
>>  Just a quick clarification -
>> His Excellency would expect fighters to attend Him on the field of battle
>> at Talonval, so primarily I am looking for Arts and Science persons who
>> would be willing to attend Celtic Fest and showcase their works there,
>> instead of attending Siege of Talonval.
>> The people in charge of Celtic Fest have been spoken to and they
>> understand we may have a small group this year with the hopes of more next
>> year.
>> Thanks!
>> Giovanna
>> On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 9:41 AM, Charles J. Cohen <charles at eecs.umich.edu>wrote:
>>> I'll go whereever the Baron and Baroness would like my service.
>>> In my opinion, I'm concerned that if we don't fully commit to the Celtic
>>> Fest we risk losing our spot.
>>> So, is the Celtic Fest worth maintaining for recruitment and publicity?
>>> If so, then we unfortunately will have to skip the Talonval event (and I
>>> really like going to that...).
>>> - Midair
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