[Cynnabar] Borders Report

Matt Lagemann malagemann at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 04:18:49 UTC 2011

At the March 14th meeting someone brought up the idea of using the event
center at the Borders located at 3140 Lohr Rd (the one near I-94 and Saline
rd).  I went there Tuesday and talked to the manager.

He said that groups can use the event center to hold meetings and that we
can set up a recurring day (so for instance every fourth Monday of the
month).  They will not set up the event center until the first person from
our group arrives.  This is to prevent other people from sitting down in our
space.  We can be bumped for special events, but we can move to the coffee
shop area if that happens.  The "event center" is a recessed area in the
store, so we would still be a part of the store proper.  I don't think this
is a bad thing and honestly think if we like the area we can look into doing
a meeting in garb every now and again so we could also attract interest.  We
just need to call up the store to reserve days if we are interested.

Pros also inclue a nearby McDonalds so Greg's appetite can be sated
(Flurries after meetings sound nice!) and free wifi for the tech types. Cons
include the fact that I will spend too much money on books on those Mondays,
but perhaps this would still be less than my tab at the Cornery Brewery.

Any questions?

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