[Cynnabar] Tavern thanks!

Jen Conrad luveday at comcast.net
Sun Mar 20 13:37:20 UTC 2011

Thanks again to everyone who enjoyed the lunch tavern yesterday at 
Terpsichore!  Without our customers, where would we be?

Special thanks goes to Aelfric, the kick ass event steward!  Thanks for 
making our job easy for the past four years, and providing us with one 
of the best kitchens we've had pleasure to work in.

Thanks also go out to Ilse, Gwendolyn, Ilex, and everyone who has ever 
helped us out in the past four years.  Thanks for all your support, you 
all ROCK!

To whoever does the tavern next year, we will be writing up notes about 
what has and hasn't worked for this event for use to use.  Please feel 
free to contact us !

Thanks again everyone!

Luveday and Fernando
Terpsichore Tavern Cooks (Ret.)

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