[Cynnabar] Dessert Revel Thanks!

Debora Vanheyningen magda_vogelsang at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 16:30:50 UTC 2011

A *huge* thank you from me to everyone who brought stuff for the dessert revel, as well as all the folks who helped me set it up and clean up afterward.

We had lots of fabulous food, the tables looked awesome, and even the people at the end of the line had a very nice selection to choose from.

We have a lot of awesome cooks and bakers in our Barony, which is why our dessert revel kicks the ass of every other dessert revel I've been to at an event.  And with the dinner break being earlier this year, the desserts were even more appreciated than usual, as fewer people were still full from dinner.

Special thanks to Greg and Michelle, who, having returned after several years abroad, resumed their Peep Soteltie tradition this year.  Photos of the sotelties are posted here if anyone missed them:

Thanks again for being an awesome group and such good hosts to our guests.


Lady Magdalena Vogelsang
Barony of Cynnabar, Midrealm

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