[Cynnabar] Upcoming Archery Practice!!

Anne Stevenson elaine242 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 15:37:52 UTC 2011

Hello everyone!

On behalf of Lord Dillon I wanted to let you know that we will be starting
up archery practice next month!  I know that many of you are interested in
archery and we are lucky to have someone able and willing to host!!

The first practice will be Tuesday, April 19th at 5:30pm.  Participants are
welcome to stay as late as the sunlight will allow.

**If the weather is bad we will have to cancel.  I will try to post
something that day with updates.

Dillon has a variety of loaner gear, so you are not required to go out and
purchase anything.  Of course, if you have your own bow and materials, feel
free to bring those as well.  If we get a lot of participation (which I hope
we do!) we may need to look into making arm guards.

Dillon's house is at: 330 West Clark. If you take Prospect Rd in
Ypsilanti north to Clark, turn left onto Clark it is about half way between
Prospect and LeForge Roads.  Look for a black mail box with the address
number on it.  The house is set back from the road quite a bit.  If you have
trouble finding the location on days were are doing archery, feel free to
give me a call on my cellphone - (734) 223-9745.

Thank you and I hope to see you on April 19th!

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