[Cynnabar] Looking for teachers at Half Century Holiday

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Fri Mar 25 21:05:37 UTC 2011

Good Gentles,
I am coordinating a set of classes for the Half Century Holiday we are hosting on May 14Th.  I am looking for hands-on or make it, take it classes.  For those of you that make things in the SCA, is there a small or beginning project you can show others how to make?  Crafters look through your stash, you may already have materials for a fun class.  2 hour classes are encouraged as most projects need a little more time to get started.   I hope to have classes from a diverse selection of the SCA's arts and sciences including but not limited to: fiber arts, scribal arts, cooking, leather work, wood work, jewelry, and armoring.   Of course I will be teaching felting.
If you would like to teach please email me the following information, class title, class description, your SCA name as you would like it listed, length of class, materials fee if any, class limit (number of students you can have), special needs or space requirements, and part of the day you prefer to teach (morning, afternoon, etc.)
Please respond by Monday April 4Th so I can have the class list published in a timely manor.
Thank You,
Sayida Halima bint al-Rabii'
Cynnabar Arts and Science Champion

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