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Mon Mar 28 14:45:57 UTC 2011

Unto the People of Cynnabar do Tairdelbach and Hannah send Greetings,

As the weather once again changes, and Spring warms the blood of the
warriors of Cynnabar, We intend to host a revel on the 1st of May where
tourneys will be held to determine our Armoured and Rapier Champions who
will help lead Our army this summer.

This revel will, as is usual for the warmer months (at least we hope it is
warmer then!), be part of the regular outdoor practice and potluck dinner
held every month, the “Kill and Grill” as it has come to be called. But for
this occasion We ask that those attending wear garb, as there will be a
short Court to do the business of announcing Our Champions, and just to add
to the atmosphere of the revel.

The Tourneys will be styled after the Knowne World Baronial Champions
Tourney held each year at the Pennsic War. If you are not familiar with this
Tourney it is a panel judged format where they Tenans spar with each other
for a time and then are asked a question by a panel of Baronesses, and then
continue to spar. The panel then chooses a victor based on the comportment,
eloquence, and prowess of the Tenans.

In this case the Panel will be the sitting and past Baronesses of Cynnabar,
with input from the Barons.

So that all who are interested may know We provide below a list that
includes, but is not limited by, the duties expected of Our Champions.

- Swear fealty through the Baron/Baroness to the Crown of the Middle

- Lead the troops on the field of battle when asked by your Baron/Baroness.

- Take attendance at practices, or ask someone to make sure it is done if
you are unable to attend.

- Be able to work and/or train the troops as required.

- Must attend Pennsic, Talonval, Baron and Border Wars (of course real life
does happen...)

- Other events are also strongly encouraged.

- Encourage cross-over between armoured and rapier fighting.

- Maintain, repair, expand upon and wear with pride the Regalia of your

- Stand up in Court and attend your Baron/Baroness.  You are part of the

- Advise the Baron/Baroness on successors, pay attention to those that might
someday have your job.

- Be an inspiration!  Be eager to fight and serve!

- Have fun!

As for who is eligible to be selected as Our Champions.

All citizens of Cynnabar will be duly considered. Citizens are any who
identify themselves as members of the Barony regardless of geographical
location. However geographical location may hinder the ability to perform
certain expected duties, and should be considered by the Tenan prior to
entering the Tourney.

In keeping with Baronial tradition, Knights, Masters at Arms, and Warders of
the Bronze Ring shall be welcome to participate in the Tourney, We would see
how Our potential Champions fare against the best opponents, but will not be
eligible to be selected as Champions.

We hope to see you all at the revel!

Tairdelbach and Hannah

Baron and Baroness of Cynnabar

They deem me mad for I will not sell my days for gold; I deem them mad for
they think my days have a price.
-- Kahlil Gibran
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