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Thu Sep 1 15:01:03 UTC 2011

Below is a request for help with a demo-type event, see below for detials.
It's in Midland, MI which is about 2 hours north of Ann Arbor. It is also on
a Friday morning (September 23).


If anyone is able to help out, please contact Barge at
m_stigleman at hotmail.com.  


In service, etc.




From: Martin Stigleman [mailto:m_stigleman at hotmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 8:52 AM


I have been asked to send requests to any and all groups in the Michigan
area who may possibly be able to assist in a project. If possible, we would
really appreciate if you could pass this information on to those of your
The history department at Midland Academy, a charter school in the Midland,
Michigan area for ages k-12, is working to hold a Renaissance Festival on
September 23rd as an educational day for it's students and thier families.
Although it is billed as a "Renaissance Festival" they wish it to be
entirely historical based, unlike many modern festivals. 
Thus far they have plans for a Hawk Master, various crafts and games, foods,
and are working toward a jousting demonstration. As the teacher in charge of
the festival is very familiar with the SCA and what we do, he has asked if
there were a way to get some of our people to join in the festival. Aside
from a demonstration of armored combat (He would LOVE to see a good sized
melee!!), he would like to have an A&S display to show some of the types of
things made in historical times as well as some who would wish to show "work
in progress" on nearly anything from scribal work to weaving and spinning
and even armoring if possible. We would have a very large area for use, so
it is possible to set up nearly any type of display/work area.

As this is a school event, it would also be great if we could have a boffer
tournament as well!
Should anyone have seige engines they would like to show, it would also be
greatly appreciated. It may even be possible to demonstrate use of ballista.
Most students will have family in attendance and while not an SCA fuction,
we would be more than welcome to use it as a recruitment drive for local
groups and the SCA in general, so everyone is encouraged to talk with people
and hand out informational fliers.
Please RSVP if you can make it, and feel free to contact myself or the
instructor in charge, John Malloy, at
<mailto:cbpinballnarcade at sbcglobal.net> cbpinballnarcade at sbcglobal.net if
you have any questions.
Midland Academy

4653 Bailey Bridge Rd 

Midland, MI 48640

Friday September 23

8:30AM - 3:00PM 

Curently our entire RSVP list has 3 combatants and NO A&S...PLEASE, if
anyone is available, we would really appreciate the help!
In Service,
Brage Brokholst
mka; Marty S 

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