[Cynnabar] Vikings Come Home: aurora alert!

Elizabeth G Calhoun 1 lizcal at umich.edu
Thu Sep 15 14:36:33 UTC 2011

Most Honorable Members of the Baronial Populace,

If you are northward-going this weekend for the event in Donnershafen,  
you may have more than a bonfire or ale to stir your Viking blood --  
there may be some aurora activity viewable from the TC area over the  

 From Spaceweather.com:

"Yesterday, Sept. 14th, an eruption near sunspot 1289 hurled a CME  
[coronal mass ejection] in the general direction of Earth. Analysts at  
the Goddard Space Weather Lab expect the cloud to deliver a glancing  
blow to our planet's magnetic field on Sept 17th around 04:30 UT.  
High-latitude magnetic storms are possible when the CME arrives."

Alas, the VikingAnswerLady seems to have thoroughly debunked all sorts  
of Viking-related aurora romanticism here:

I prefer to think that the Valkyr are busy setting up the event site.  :)

Yours in Service,

Godaeth Wisfaest
(whose other local membership is the University Lowbrow Astronomers)

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