[Cynnabar] Generalist Events vs. Niche Events or Opening the Can of Worms

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Thu Sep 15 18:59:13 UTC 2011

As this conversation continues, perhaps "niche event" is not the best  

Would specialist events be a better term?

We have after all a number of different types of Society events  
ranging from:

  Known World events, such
as KW Costume, Rapier, Cooks and Bards, that draw an international  
audience and can be years in the making;

Kingdom events like Crown, Coronation, and RUM which rotate;

Regional events like the regional 12th Night (which can become the  
kingdom 12th Night)
which also rotate between various groups or the annual spring A&S fairs;

Baronial events for which the Barony is known like Grand Tourney or  
Terpsichore which are advertised on the Kingdom

and lastly local events like Wassail.

Add in then the special kingdom meetings of the various orders, the  
retreats, workshops, collegiums, etc.
Where do those fit in?

One rule may not fit all events or all the circumstances. Establish  
the hard and fast policy and the next thing on
the agenda will be the requests for exceptions or grandfathering in of  
long established traditions. And then you can discuss
who eats for free at feasts, half price for children's seats, servers  
eating free, who takes the left overs home, etc.


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