[Cynnabar] Generalist Events vs. Niche Events or Opening the Can of Worms

Aaron Elkiss aelkiss at umich.edu
Fri Sep 16 02:01:55 UTC 2011

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 7:46 PM, Kevin Lemon <uillec1314 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Much like the musician that enjoys playing music at Terp, I enjoy fighting
> at events, fighting is also a lot of work, I don't get to shop, do thrown
> weapons, archery or classes, but I am not asking to be paid for my
> performance. On second thought I do have the chance to do all of those other
> things it's called free will, but I choose to fight.

The event would fail if there were 100 dancers but no teachers at
Terpsichore. It wouldn't fail without musicians, but well-rehearsed
musicians add greatly to the renown of our event; if we did not have
volunteer musicians we would probably hire a band. Dancers themselves
also do a lot of work and don't get to shop or fight (at events where
such things go on); I think the more appropriate comparison to
teachers & musicians is those who are marshalling, running a
tournament, or otherwise helping to ensure that fighting happens.
Those I would suggest should get a discount or comped.

I think in general the metric I'd use at a minimum is that anyone who
has spent a substantial amount of time preparing for the event (our
musicians typically spend 30-50 hours preparing for Terpsichore) and
has committed to being to a certain place at a certain time for a
substantial part of the event to help the event happen should have
some kind of discount.

> To tell you the truth I am not concerned what the K of C, VFW, Democrats,
> Masons, Sci Fi people, skate boarders or the Michigan Malita does.

See Jadzia's response to Gregoire for why we brought up other organizations.

> I looked up the definition of volunteer and no where could I find any
> mention of being recognized or being compensated.

Just because recognition isn't required doesn't mean it isn't the
right thing to do. To people like us who are not so far removed from
being students on a severely limited budget, being required to donate
money to have the privilege of donating our time can feel like a kick
in the face. You Are Not Wanted unless you can pay the fee. Perhaps
this is part of why we have such a hard time recruiting students, and
why it's always the same people who volunteer. Some people have time
to give, some people have money to give; if you are lucky, you have

> What did Grand Tourney make last year, don't know but I am sure someone can
> tell us. As for who got comped, not sure. But I do know that Lady Ilse who
> did the lunch tavern DID NOT get comped.

No-one was comped, and we made tons of money as I recall. (Some would
say too much.) In my opinion, she should have been comped.

> To tell you the truth after being in the the SCA 6-7 years I never heard of
> people being comped until a few months ago.

Nevertheless, it is not a new practice.

> At the meeting this past Monday
> when the purposed budget for Terp 2012 was handed out I noticed that 108
> paying adults were expected to attend, another 23 Instructors and 17
> Musicians were expected and were going to be comped in one way or another. I
> mean really what does that figure out to, something like 30% of the people
> attending the event are either paying half or nothing at all. But wait this
> does not include royalty or people working troll or lunch tavern.

We made quite a bit of money on Terpsichore last year with similar
figures.  Comping those who work at troll and lunch tavern would not
have a substantial impact on the bottom line, and would be more
respectful to those who are willing to donate their time.


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