[Cynnabar] Wrangling the Can of Worms

Cynnabar Seneschal boc.seneschal at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 13:31:05 UTC 2011

These are all great discussions. It very nice when people with different
opinions on how something should happen can express their viewpoints and
have the other side listen and discuss back and forth.


I've know other groups that would have had this turn into a giant flame-war
and we'd be standing among heaps of ashes by now. While this discussion has
only been going on a few days (an eternity really in the on-line age), it's
generated 50+ e-mails on it, it's good to see the level of civilly we still


Below are the topics I see being bantered about. Each dovetail into each
other but really are their own standalone questions. 


Generalist vs. Specialty events

It appears that in general, no one is arguing against having specialty
events as long as the budget and group support is there.

Should we compensate certain people that come to Cynnabar events?

OK, Royalty seems to be a given. But other than that, should others be given
free or reduced site fees? The discussion seems to range from yes for only
specialist volunteers (all day musicians/teachers), to yes for anyone that
puts in some help, to no, since we are volunteer organization and we help at
one event while get to play at others. And there is a lot of gray area
in-between where that "compensation scale" can slide from "no-one gets
comped" to "donation only format". 


If some level of compensation is agreed on, should we make this a Cynnabar

This is basically who should decide who gets compensated. Do we try write
something down covering all bases to use as our guideline/policy for going
forward in the future? Or do we leave it up to the Autocrat/event
coordinator  to determine as part of their event proposal/budget? 


I don't think this discussion is over and I encourage it to continue
(civilly of course J ). I will however, plan on setting aside some time at
the end of the next Baronial business meeting (on the 26th) to continue this
discussion in person as well. For in the end, it will be at the group
meetings where we, as a Barony, will make the decision on what we want to




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