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Fri Sep 16 17:26:26 UTC 2011


There is soon time for the next report, and I would as usual like to
hear what you have been up to. Please send me a line or two (or ten),
before October 10, and I will incorporate it into my quarterly report.
And if you have a picture of your project, I will give you a gold star

I have also had this office for approximate one year, and feel that it
is time to share my experiences with a deputy. Anyone interested,
please let me know, and I can tell you all about what it would mean.

It is also time for a another survey on what people would like to do.

So if you have a project that you want to propose to do within the
borders of the A&S activities we are currently offering, send me an
Do you want to learn something new? Let me know.
Do you want to teach something? Let me know.
Do you want to know more about A&S competitions, craft fairs etc? Let me know

Key word: Let me know. Send me an email, grab me at events, call me,
write a letter, send a pigeon. I need to know what you would like to
do in order to set up a workshop.

A&S information wise - we will be adding workshops for newcomers on
Sundays, to be held in conjunction with fight practice. This will
start the 2nd of October. More information on which workshops will be
offered, will be posted in the calender and at meetings.

Monday workshops will be on the back burners until we find a good
location. Right now we are going back and forth and not all places are
suitable for all our activities.
Wednesday craft night continues as usual. More projects are added to
the list, as posted previously. Calender entry will be updated to
reflect the projects available.

Arina de Traentorp

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