[Cynnabar] Mass Meeting - Final Reminder!

Anne Stevenson elaine242 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 16:06:52 UTC 2011

Hello everyone!

This is a just a friendly reminder that Mass Meeting is tomorrow, September
19th from 7-9 with set-up beginning at 6:30.    It will be in the Anderson
Room in the Michigan Room (A-D).

We have already had a lot of great feedback in terms of people attending,
but that doesn't mean we don't need you!!  :)

In particular, we will have several tables (stations) for armor and armored
combat.  But I would also love to have some fencers there as well, so that
we can have this part of our community represented.  Also, if anyone has any
interested projects they are working on, please feel free to bring them and
add to the color and depth of the evening!  So far I have stations for
illumination, fiber arts, music, costuming/garb, and SCA membership and
history.  If you think of other stations we should have included, please let
me know.

Thank you and see you tomorrow night!!!

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