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All to further the populace need for knowledge!


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  *Crewel Embroidery   copyright 1962*

*Erica Wilson*


*History of Costume Ancient Egypt to 12th Cen.         Copyright “1965”*

*Blacnhe Payne*


*Beast & Animals in Decorative Woodcuts of the Renaissance     isbn

*Konrad Gesner*


*Men & Women Dressing the Part*

*Kidwell & Steel*


*The History of Decorative Arts Ren – Mannerism Europe*



*Flemish Paintings form Bosch to Rubens*



*The Old Masters *

*Lorgues LaBouge*


*Dressing in Ireland    isbn  0-7134-5251-x*



*Paintings of the Renaissance, Epochs & Styles*



*Currier & Ives Printmakers of the American People*

*Harry Peters*


*The New Carolingian Modelbook, Counted embroidery patterns from
before 1600

*isbn 0-9642082-2-9*

*D’Averoigne 1995 edition, like new*


* *

*Handbook of Historic Ornament, Ancient to Biedermeier   isbn 0-486-29240-1*



*Celtic & Early Medieval Designs from Brittan*

* *


Asking price
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Maggie of Cnoc Cait
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