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Retainers are (3/shift per Royal)
Guards are (2/shift)

Also, please know that if you are not sure what the duties of any of these position entail, just drop me a note and I will gladly explain!


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Greetings unto the noble populace of Cynnabar!

For those of you attending Pennsic this year -- please know that We, Tairdelbach and Hannah, your Baron and Baroness, appreciate the time and talent of Our great citizenry. We know that Pennsic is a very busy time, yet it's Our most sincere hope that each of you will find time in your schedules to volunteer. It takes many, many hands to run an event as large as Pennsic and every person counts and is appreciated.

Please know that for every member of Cynnabar that volunteers at this year's Pennsic for any task of one hour or longer -- We will grant you a token of Our recognition and gratitude. 

That being said there are many ways to volunteer! If you are already on staff -- that counts!!! If you volunteer at gate, security or other Pennsic staffing (done onsite) -- that counts!!! Or, if you'd like to volunteer for a shift as a Peer On Duty, Guards for the Midrealm Royal Encampment, or as a Royal Retainer I have the links here so you can sign-up in advance. (Due to the number of people that their Majesties would like to have for each shift, I don't feel that we'd be able to complete an entire day or half-day as a group, so please choose your own dates and spaces!)

Peers Gate Duty (Peers Only) 2/shift

Retaining for Their Majesties (2/shift)

Guard Duty at Midrealm Royal (3/shift per Royal)

Your best chances of receiving a time that works within your schedule is to sign-up early! Again, We appreciate your service...and please see Us afterwards for a token!

With gratitude,
Tairdelbach and Hannah
Baron and Baroness

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