[Cynnabar] Fwd: [The Barony of Cynnabar] I am posting this here at the request of family:

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Ranthlufr stated my exact thoughts. I am shocked and pained by this loss.


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at the request of family:

Arin and I are feeling really low right now. This is incredibly sad news.
I've known DeForest for 30 years, and I've seen him grow from a young beggar
intentionally destroying his clothes,  playing it up crazy with his friends,
and leaping for scraps at the feast, to becoming a cornerstone of so much
that he touched.  The truest thing I could say about him is that he was a
really, really really good man. You could count on him in so many ways. You
could count on him to be thoughtful, level-headed and compassionate about
people's differences, you could count on him being there to help or to be
there for practices when nobody else would even come. He was incredibly
encouraging and energetic, and he was positive and meaningful force in or
group. He was always trying to help with things, helping new people get
involved, and participating in every way imaginable over the many years.  I
really liked him a lot and he always had my deepest respect and
appreciation. This really is a loss felt to the core. He will be deeply
missed.  I will always remember him a being a part of some of my fondest SCA
memories. It was a privilege to count him as a friend.

Mourning a terrible loss, and reflecting on the overwhelming good that was


On Jul 15, 2012, at 8:38 AM, Art Sinclair wrote:

> It is with great regret and sadness that We pass this information along to
> this list.
> Warder Arnolde was a tremendous asset to this group and he will be greatly
> missed.
> We will pass along any more information as we learn of it.
> Tairdelbach and Hannah
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> Subject: [The Barony of Cynnabar] I am posting this here at the request of
> family:
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>  I am posting this here at the request of family:
>  I would like to inform the group that our beloved Arnie (Lord Arnie/Slyme)
> passed away this morning.
>  I have no details, but will inform the group as soon as I am able.
>  Please keep his family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers during
> this difficult time.
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