[Cynnabar] Thanks for a fantastic day at Celtic Festival

Jennifer Genoveva jenniferlynangel at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 21:44:47 UTC 2012

I'd like to add in my thanks to everyone who came to the Saline Celtic
Festival to show the community all the things we love to do. So many people
stopped to watch and talk to us, and everyone seemed to have a great time!
We passed out nearly 500 brochures and delighted many more people, as you
can see by the photos of us and our audiences posted on AnnArbor.com at

I specifically want to thank:
- Their Excellencies Tardelbach and Hannah, for guiding me through the
preparation for this event and helping hands during the day
- Their Highnesses Dag and AnneMarie for Their various displays and demos,
and for adding their special flair
- Lord AElfric for the drinks, snacks, and fighting demos
- Master Midair for orchestrating the armored fighting demos and dramatic
- Sergeant Matthias for bringing his period pavilion and fighting demos
- Sergeant Finn for his big pop-up shelter with walls, armor, furniture,
and fighting demos
- Master RanthlfR for his illumination and fighting demos
- Lady Arin for her fiber arts and tirelessly talking to visitors
- Lady Benedicta for her bobbin lace demonstration
- Violet for her henna display
- Mistress Claire for helping out at the welcome table
- Lady Godaeth and Aeffe for their archery displays
- Forester Dillon for his table weaving demonstrations
- Baron Daibhid for his artwork and mail display and
- Lady Azriel, Lord Fearghas, and Lord Johannes for the rapier demos
- Alex the Blacksmyth and Lord Galen for the smithy demos and 'smores

Special thank-yous to:
- Sir Straum for transporting the list to and from the park
- Gregor for all his help setting up and taking down our big shade fly and
awesome fighting
- Alexander for explaining his goblet embroidery project to those who
stopped by
- Josseline for her embroidery demonstration and helping hand when I needed
- Lady Ceara for her illumination demonstration
(These two ladies helped me pass out brochures to the watching crowds
during armored fighting demos and talked up the SCA whenever they could.)

My apologies to anyone or anything I may have forgotten -- it's been a busy
week for me!

If you'd like to see photos, I've posted over 30 photos at

It was a great day! I look forward to next year. :)

Cynnabar Chatelaine
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