[Cynnabar] DeForest's Funeral & Memorial Information

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Someone asked at the meeting tonight about wearing garb at the Bertha Brock memorial. I've been told that it's optional. There will be others there who are not from the SCA....so it's come as you like.


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Hi all,

Here are the official arrangements made by the family --

Deforest's Funeral Plans: 
Visitation is at Lake Funeral Home in Ionia, MI on Thursday from 2-4 and 6 -8. 


A more informal celebration of his life will be at Bertha Brock park on Friday at 10 am. Camping on Thursday eve is allowed at the park for $15. Availability is good, but it's not a SCA event, so folks would have to camp in the camping sections.


There will also be a small memorial for him at Cynnabar practice this weekend on Sunday starting at 12:30 at Island Park, our regular practice location.


And more info coming as well as a memorial at Pennsic -- date, time and location(s) still to be confirmed.


Please feel free to forward this info as you see fit.

Baroness, Cynnabar

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