[Cynnabar] Golden Seamstress

Hannah Schreiber hannahschreiber at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 17:00:08 UTC 2012


Could those that are participating in Golden Seamstress please contact me off list. I'd like to know how many of our brave Cynnabarbaians are questing through the night for that fantastic competition! Some teams are made up of Cynnabar folks only and some are Cynnabar folks with others, which is fine too....

I've heard of these teams:
Bianca, Erica, Violet, Rebecca
Dirk, Sunnifa, Rollo, and Carol (maybe?)
Daye (are you still on a team?)
Amelia (maybe?)
Simcha and ??

Is there anyone else and for those that are listed could at least one person from these teams contact me to verify that you are attending that'd be great!

Thanks so much!
Baroness Hannah
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