[Cynnabar] Reminder: Tomorrow's Workshop on Blackwork Embroidery!

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Sat Mar 10 12:18:32 UTC 2012

Greetings unto the Barony of Cynnabar!

A reminder about the Sunday Workshop tomorrow from 12:00-2:00 pm at the
Michigan Union -- Blackwork Embroidery! (Plus an embroidery activity for
any kids who want to come with their parents.) Read below for details and
RSVP please!
Ever been curious about the stunningly detailed blackwork embroidery
popular during the later periods? In this workshop you will learn the basic
techniques of blackwork, including the Holbein (double running) stitch and
backstitch, and tips on preparing your ground cloth, starting and stopping
stitches, and using beeswax to strengthen and aid stitching. No embroidery
experience necessary! Participants will receive a "make-and-take" blackwork
kit that includes everything you need to make a small needlebook with a
blackworked embroidery cover (thread, needle, cloth, beeswax, and
instructional booklet). When the project is complete, you have a small
needlebook that fits neatly into the lid of a small wooden box (also
provided). Bring a pair of scissors. Please RSVP to Genoveva von Lübeck at
genovevavonlubeck at gmail.com

ALSO: All kids are invited to join us (with a parent present) as my son
Alexander also wants to teach and has made up some kids embroidery kits as
well. He'll demonstrate simple embroidery stitches that kids can master
easily, plus offer some experiments to try. His kits come with thread,
needle, Aida cloth, and beads! Any kids coming should also RSVP so we can
ensure he brings enough kits.

There is NO fee for the kits. All we ask is that if you show us a photo of
your progress -- and if you finish your project, and show it to us at a
future event, we even have a little reward for you!--
Im Dienst,
   Genoveva  ~♥~

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