[Cynnabar] BoC Meeting agenda for 03/12/12 meeting

Cynnabar Seneschal boc.seneschal at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 18:20:02 UTC 2012

Below is the agenda for the Baronial Business meeting. If you have anything
to add, let me know.


Meeting starts at 7:PM

Classic Cup Café

4389 Jackson Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48103-1831


In service,




Event and Demo Reports:



Upcoming Baronial Events and Demos


Armored Fighter Retreat (Date changing) -


Terpsichore (April 14th) -


Spring Revel (April 29th) –


St. Ceclia at the Tower (May 12th) – 


Celtic Festival (July 14th) – 


Grand Tourney 2012 Proposal – (Johannes)


Old Business


New Choir Heraldic Accoutrements – Budget request item (3nd discussion).
Their Excellencies are requesting $100 to spend on materials to make up to
20 pieces of new Cynnabar accoutrements for the choir (and possibly other
groups). They are looking to do baldrics and had sketches at the last
meeting. We will be looking for final budget approval at this meeting.


Chatelaine Position – Baroness Giovanna is planning on stepping down as
Baronial Chatelaine at Terpsichore. Genoveva has put her name in the hat
(the only one). We have discussed her taking over the past two meetings and
will look to approve her nomination at this meeting..


Baronial Ballista plans – Budget approved. Looking to confirm purchase of


Fixing loaner leg armor proposal – Budget approved. Looking to confirm
purchase of gear.


SCA Anniversary event in 2016 – 


Tithing to the Kingdom – (meeting minutes reminder/placeholder only)

The previously group-approved amount of $300 to their Highness’s travel fund
will be presented at Crown in Kentucky in May. This line item will remain as
a meeting note but not brought up during the meeting proper unless someone
has a question/comment on it. This is just a reminder until we are able to
present this in May.


New Business












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