[Cynnabar] Golden Seamstress participants please speak up!

Hannah Schreiber hannahschreiber at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 01:42:26 UTC 2012

In an effort to keep the email chain shorter...I can try...and If I miss someone I apologize and please post!

In the Novice category:
taking 3rd, Cynnabar sewing team (Rebecca, Bianca, Violet, Erica)

Advanced Category:
Taking a 1st place (at their first G. S. Event!!!) Olvik Thing (Sir Dirk, Sunnifa, Sigrid, and Rollo)
taking a 3rd in this category, Red Snail Stitchery (Simcha and her Mom...who I didn't catch her name)

Master Category:
taking 1st place Kay's Kids (Partly Cynnabar Team containing Amelia, Tegan and Persephone)
and taking a 2nd Silken Stitchers (Partly Cynnabar Team containing Daye)

Again thanks to Mistress Melisant for heading up the judging and there were others from Cynnabar helping with that as well....Master Zygmunt and Maddie, Arianna, and Mistress Kay.

If I've  missed you, please know your help was appreciated and post you were there too!

Thanks to everyone for yet another fantastic showing for Cynnabar in A&S. You make us very, very proud. 


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I'm pretty sure I would forget someone if I tried to list them all.  If you were on one of the teams who participated in GS, could you please list the Cynnabar members of your team for us?


On Mar 26, 2012, at 3:22 PM, d pond wrote:

> Woohoo! Would it be possible for someone to let us know which Cynnabar members were part of these teams? 
> Yamina
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