[Cynnabar] fencing loaner gear stolen

Doug Southwell sinbin at usol.com
Thu Dec 2 17:27:07 EST 2010

When I had my gear liberated from my possession I took a list of the missing items with photos that I had to the pawn shops in the area so they could watch for it


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  Sorry to hear about this, not just the fencing gear but the loss of your vehicle as well.

  I will have my fencing gear at practice and will be happy to let anyone who needs it to use it.

  I also encourage everyone to keep an eye out on ebay or craigslist...anywhere this stuff might be listed for sale.


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  On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 6:18 PM, deforest piper <darnpiper at yahoo.com> wrote:

    This is just a heads up to the list to let people know that almost all of the fencing loaner gear has been stolen.

    What has been taken are the swords, daggers, masks, gorgets, gloves, and various miscellaneous bits and things. Basically everything except 6 jackets and 6 hoods.

    Bjarki has asked me to get a detailed list together and send that to the list and I am working on that.

    The good news is that I heard earlier today that insurance is going to cover the loss, but that will take some time to work through the system.

    I'm still going to have some loaner gear available. Kelly Smith has graciously offered us the loan of her sword, dagger, gorget, and mask. I am also trying to get together a second set by Sunday -- we'll see on that.

    If anyone knows what the loaner gear looks like keep an eye out for it as you wander about online.

    I'll keep the group informed as things arise. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

    I'm terribly sorry about this.

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