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Wed Jul 14 09:33:52 EDT 2010

We have a 'period' tent for sale.  Its a Tentsmith's Museum Wedge.
10' X 16'.  Its made of white sunforger flame retardant canvas
Mud Flaps
Door in back bell
Hooks that go over the ridge pole

If you go to the Tentsmith's website you will see that its value is over $1000.00
We'd like to sell it for $500. It doesn't leak....and is quite roomy for a wedge.  It has served us well but we don't really use it anymore and would like it to go to a good home.

So.. if anyone is interested. Give us a call at (248)349-3212.  We are in Northville, so its local.  We'll show you how to set it up if you need that instruction.  Ask Straum or you Baron and Baroness... they have all seen it at Pennsic in the past. 

Hope someone can use it.  

Fayanna and Uther
Tim and Fay  Dickinson

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