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In response to all the questions I received;


The Big House Big Heart fun run is sunday october 3rd at the University of Michigan Stadium. The cost is $13 if you register before August 31. 


Most of the information is available at http://www.thebighousebigheart.com/home


Or you can email me with any questions.


We do not have a booth for the saturday before the run, as we as a group decided not to raise money as a non-profit group. However, you may have to pick up the race day registration packet that saturday.


Once again, they only asked that we refrain from anything that will put ourselves or others at risk. Such as anything that may impede other runners. (i.e.. no shields, banners, swords, or pole arms) They were also slightly concerned with heat exhaustion for our runners since we will be wearing considerably more than most others, so use common sense and good judgment.


If you are interested, but do not think it feasible to be part of the progression, I know that they might be interested in any volunteers.


Thank you to everyone who said that they were interested. It was more than the minimum of 6 that I was hoping for.


Galen O'Conaill
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