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Barony of Cynnabar
Weekly Meeting
Mon, July 12, 2010
Saline Celtic Fest
The annual Saline Celtic Fest is Sat, July 17.  Please contact Tairdelbach if you plan to attend.  Details sent in a separate document.
Pennsic Retainer Duty
The Barony of Cynnabar is scheduled for retainer duty on the middle Sunday in the afternoon. Baroness Hannah says there are many opportunities. Guards are especially needed.
Their Excellencies and others at the meeting reported and that many in the Barony attended the Seige of Talonval last weekend.  It was reported that the fighting, both armored and rapier, and merchanting were good. Dillon reported that archers performed a noodle shoot in preparation for Pennsic.  
A numbers of awards were presented to members of Cynnabar at the event. Congratulations to: Madair MacCormaic for his Red Company, Iain Ruadh for his Gold Mace and Allessandra Iulia Tendi for her Willow. In addition, our own rapier champion, Azriel,  won the Talonval Rapier Champion and Uillec MacLamont won the thrown weapons competition.



Pennsic Water Battle
Baroness Hannah reported that this event may be cancelled.  The people from Roaring Wastes who were organizing this battle will not be attending Pennsic this year.  They are considering donating the toys and candy to another children-related event, to be determined. 


Old List Field
The Seneschal reports that Weald Lake has agreed to the purchase price of $165.00 total for the the list field and the knight stands.  He also reports that Weald Lake has no objection to our using the list field at the Saline Celtic Fest on Sat, July 17.  
Selling the items together releases Cynnabar from our commitment at Richard's barn.  Richard is willing to store the items for Weald Lake.

A decision will be made on Mon, July 19


Manchester Library Demo
Sat, Aug. 21, 12p-4p
912 City Rd
Manchester, Mi 48158
The Manchester Library is having an event with a Middle Ages theme for the whole family.  Cynnabar is collaborating with Talonval help present this event. 
The library has obtained the 10' x 20' tent we requested. It will most likely to be used for the A&S display, information table, etc.
Amyon has contacted the library to inquire whether they would like the SCA to lead a workshop for the library staff and community on how to make T-Tunics. Or whether we can show them where to find patterns.
The group is considering changing banks from the University of Michigan Credit Union to TCF Bank. The rules of the credit union do
not accommodate our needs with limited banking hours and fewer locations, among other things.
TCF has nationwide locations and totally free checking with a specific balance.  We will be able to meet those requirements easily.  We will have to pay for checks.  


More info to come.

A decision will be made Mon, July 19

New Meeting Site Tryout
The Corner Brewery in Depot Town in Ypsilanti has been suggested as a new meeting site.  The manager is willing to accommodate our needs if we agree to meet there on a regular basis.  We can hold workshops and watch our movies on their television.  

Concern has been expressed about having a meeting in a bar. It is suggested that during the meeting people have one drink.  People under 21 may enter the establishment before 9pm.
APPROVED- The group has agreed to hold ONE meeting at the Corner Brewery on Mon, July 26.  The next meeting will be held back at the Michigan League to discuss future meetings at that site.
Baronial Gift to Ayreton
APPROVED-Their Excellencies proposal that we spend $35.00 each for 10 shields. Total cost will be $350.00.  Ayreton is being raised to a Barony on September 11, 2010. 

Armored Helmets
The order is confirmed. We are waiting for delivery. The order is for one medium and one extra large helm from Ashcraft Baker.
Big House Big Heart Charity Run
Oct, 2-3, 
University of Michigan Football Stadium

Registration before Aug 31 is $13/person.  Sign-up is on an individual basis. Contact Galen for more info.

Pennsic Arms Display
The Herald has received 33 entries. 

Grand Tourney
Sat, Nov 20, 2010
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
30650 Six Mile Rd
Livonia, Mi 48152
There will be no Youth Games offered at the Grand Tourney this year.  The person who organized the games in the past will be leaving the area in the Fall to attend school.
Lord Kazmer is organizing the Youth Fighting area.
The Church has asked if the Barony is interested in advertising the Grand Tourney in their church bulletin.  Some in the group are concerned about there being too many people at the site.  Also, we are officially in Roaring Wastes territory.  They would have to be notified of the ad. Some people agreed that it would help create goodwill between the Barony and the Church.  
It was suggested that we query the church on their position on wagering before we decide to extend an invitation to the congregation.
Call for Prizes-Grand Tourney
This is a call for prizes for Grand Tourney.  The Barony has always provided excellent incentives to strive for.  Let us continue the tradition.  Please send your prize information to Their Excellencies, Baron Tairdelbach and Baroness Hannah.
12th Night
Sat, Jan 8, 2011
Dixboro United Methodist Church
5221 Church Road
Ann Arbor, MI  48105
Amyon asked Lord Arnolde if he and the fencers would be interested in hosting the Lunch Tavern as a fundraiser at 12th NIght. He said it might help their interest if the fencers could use it as a fundraiser to purchase loaner fencing equipment. They would purchase, prepare and serve the Lunch Tavern.
Bjarki stated there are two options:
Option 1  
1. If the fundraiser is done by a group representing the Barony it goes to the general fund.  If the group needs an item.  They can bring 
   the proposal to the group, hold a fundraiser to offset the costs of the item, then ask the Barony to help purchase the item if the fundraiser  
   was not enough. 
2. They cannot have a fundraiser and keep the profits to use at a later time for their specific group.  
Option 2
A fundraiser can be held in the name of an individual representing himself. 
    1. For example, Person A  could have a fundraiser to raise money for their own fighing equipment.  
    2, They would have to use their own money to purchase food and supplies.  
    3. They  could then use any profits for purchasing their equipment.  
    4. They could not expect any assistance from the Barony.  
    5. They could not say I am doing this as in the name of the Barony.
If anyone is interested in hosting the Lunch Tavern as a fundraiser please contact the Seneschal.  More discussion to follow.
Sun Shade
The Baron researched and found high-wind stakes for $4.95 each plus shipping at an online army-navy store.  He reports that regular stakes are available for $2.25 each plus shipping from Falls Creek Sutlery.

The Baron proposes that the Barony purchase: 
12 high-wind stakes @ $4.95 each = $60.00  
20 regular stakes    @  $2.25 each = $45.00   
Shipping                                    = $33.75
                             Grand Total  =$138.75
A decision will be made on Mon, July 26
PASSED- The proposal from Their Excellencies to spend $500.00 for two new unfinished thrones.  There will be no shipping. Their Excellencies plan to pick up the thrones themselves.
Baron Tairdelbach says the escutcheon from the old thrones will be removed and placed on the new.
More money may needed for finishing or carving at a later date.
Ypsilanti District Library Demo-Whittaker Road
The Library contacted the Chatelaine and asked if the group was interested in doing another demo this Fall.  
The group has chosen Sun, Oct 10, 2010, as a tentative date pending any scheduling conflicts with other SCA events.
More info to come.
The Exchequer reports there is a new schedule for depreciation.  Items over $250.00 must be depreciated.  Previously it was items over $500.00.
U-M Recruiting
Festifall- Wed, Sept 8
Northfest- Tues, Sept 14
Jadwiga has registered the Barony for Festifall.  She is waiting for confirmation on Northfest.  More info to come.
This is our best opportunity to recruit from the University of Michigan.  There will be a call for volunteers after Pennsic.  More info to come.
Clinton Fall Festival
Sept 24-26
Clinton, MI
Baron Tairdelbach was approached about the Barony participating in this event.  He reported that the Barony has done this demo in the past, but it was difficult to recruit people to participate.
More discussion to follow.

Longbow Competition
Renaissance Festival- Holly Mi
Sept 25-26
Dillon reported that the organizers at the Renaissance Festival would like to encourage more collaboration with members of the SCA.  Archers are encouraged to participate in the Longbow competition.  Dillon reports that there would be a nominal entry to come and shoot arrows all day.  Check the website-www.michrenfest.com for more info.  At the top of the website go to-- Special Events--contests--Sept 25/26--Longbow. 
Open Positions
The positions of Chronicler and MOAS are now open.  If you are interestd please contact the Seneschal.
New List Field Additions
Vincent reports that he will complete the additions to the new List Field by Grand Tourney, 2010.
Meeting Adjourned
Though I strive for accuracy, I apologize for any mistakes.
The New Busy think 9 to 5 is a cute idea. Combine multiple calendars with Hotmail. 
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