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12th Night
Sat, Jan 8, 2011
Dixboro United Methodist Church

5221 Church Road
Ann Arbor, MI  48105


Amyon asked Lord Arnolde if he and the fencers would be interested in
hosting the Lunch Tavern as a fundraiser at 12th NIght. He said it might
help their interest if the fencers could use it as a fundraiser to
purchase loaner fencing equipment. They would purchase, prepare and
serve the Lunch Tavern.


Bjarki stated there are two options:

Option 1  

1. If the fundraiser is done by a group representing the Barony it goes
to the general fund.  If the group needs an item.  They can bring 

   the proposal to the group, hold a fundraiser to offset the costs of
the item, then ask the Barony to help purchase the item if the

   was not enough. 

2. They cannot have a fundraiser and keep the profits to use at a later
time for their specific group.  


Option 2

A fundraiser can be held in the name of an individual representing

    1. For example, Person A  could have a fundraiser to raise money for
their own fighting equipment.  

    2, They would have to use their own money to purchase food and

    3. They  could then use any profits for purchasing their equipment.

    4. They could not expect any assistance from the Barony.  

    5. They could not say I am doing this as in the name of the Barony.


If anyone is interested in hosting the Lunch Tavern as a fundraiser
please contact the Seneschal.  More discussion to follow.



Unless there has been an Exchequer rule change that I missed. Bjarki's
statement for Option#1 is incorrect. IF the GROUP APPROVES that the
profits from the lunch tavern can be dedicated for the fencers to use
toward the purchase of loaner equipment. This is OK, the moneys would be
listed on the Exchequers dedicated funds list, and held by in the
Baronial acct. We've done this before





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