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Greg Less greg.less at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 16:54:04 EDT 2010

Hi All-

I meant to send this to the entire list earlier today, but managed to only
get it to Aelfric... It is sort of off topic from the earlier thread, so I
will branch it off into its own discussion.

Personally, I see the idea of fundraising by individual groups within the
barony as divisive. We are ONE barony - the renown of the singers, dancers,
fencers, armoured combatants, illuminaters, butchers, bakers and candlestick
makers all reflects back upon each and every one of us. If one of those
individual activities needs funds so as to further the renown of the group,
the group should be willing to support that.
Does that mean we shouldn't ask questions before handing out money? No. We
should always be diligent and ask questions about expenditures, that's just
good business.

What it does mean though is that if we are all one group, one barony, there
is no need for the "fencers" to hold a fundraiser to get new loaner gear. It
means that there is a need for CYNNABAR to hold a fundraiser to get new
loaner gear for those members of CYNNABAR who want to try out fencing to
use. If that group happens to be all current fencers, so be it, but it
shouldn't necessarily be described as such, unless we are trying to build
boundaries within our group.

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