[Cynnabar] Celtic Festival Thank you!

Art Sinclair tairdelbach at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 10:01:43 EDT 2010

I would like to extend a very grateful thank you to all the Artisans, and
Armoured and Rapier Fighters who came out to the Celtic Festival yesterday
to make it a great success.

With the exception of the heat we had the best weather at the Festival in
recent memory.

We had, as usual, a wonderful display from all of our very talented
artisans, and the fighters put on a great show every hour.

A special thanks also to those who came Friday to help set up, and stayed
late Saturday to help tear down.

I understand we got about 35 names and emails of folks who might be
interested in the SCA.


They deem me mad for I will not sell my days for gold; I deem them mad for
they think my days have a price.
-- Kahlil Gibran
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