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[PLEASE forward to your friends who are not on the Cynnabar lists -- but plan to 
attend Pennsic this year!]

Just a reminder that we are holding a 'potluck dinner' in camp before drunken 
court at Pennsic. This will start about 5:30 pm on Wednesday of War week (8/11). 
The theme is "Cynnabar Thanksgiving" -- but anything you feel like contributing 
would be just fabulous! AND -- there will be a prize awarded in court for the 
most creative or delicious dish for the potluck.

As I mentioned before I thought I would post some ideas on easy cooking in camp. 
There many ways to be inspired about preparing a dish for this event without 
having to 'cook-cook' at War!

Consider canned options that just need to be heated:
Yams, other vegetables, chili, stews, fruits

Consider boxed items that just require water or minimal cooking:
Rice, stuffing mixes, potato mixes, pasta

There are also many other 'meals in a box' that are now available at grocery 
stores or Trader Joe's (if they are local to you). Most require simple 
ingredients (like water or a can of tomatoes) and only basic cooking 
requirements (boil, saute, or just heat). I found a great curry dish by Archer 
Farm's from Target that I'd recommended!

Are you a 'planner'? 
Cook ahead any regular dish you make at home. Many will freeze or tolerate 
canning. Stews, chilis, other meats or main entrees should last if frozen until 
Wednesday (if you are coming middle weekend) in your cooler. Just reheat lightly 
and serve!

Go to the fruit/vegetable stand -- there's one ON SITE at Pennsic for those that 
don't know:
Pre-cut fruit and veggies are available there -- another no cook option! Bag 
salads -- open and toss!

Go to the camp store, there's one of these as well:
chips, pop, chocolate milk! There's lots of things that can be contributed 
WITHOUT cooking

Of course -- if you like to cook in camp -- that's encouraged, too, naturally. 
Remember there's the open fire and the cook's tent. Keep in mind your timing. We 
do only have one stove. 

Again, we like everyone to be able to participate! It'll be great to share a 
meal  and encouarge all to be together at least one night to enjoy each other's 
company -- but want to be sure this isn't too difficult for those who don't cook 
while camping. 

Any questions or concerns -- please email us or ask!

Thanks much -- and see you all at War!
Baroness Hannah

 There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that 
reflects it. ~Edith Wharton

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