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Hello all,

While it is accurate that we do not currently have regular under 21 meeting
attendees, I do not believe that this is a state that we want to perpetuate.
We have at least one member that is under 21, and a student, interested in
attending meetings when it can fit into their schedule...and while I do not
know the age of everyone in the group I'm sure we have others under 21 that
I personally would like to see taking an interest in the administration of
the group. We have to remember that those students we have in the group do
have other important priorities and commitments which inhibit their ability
to attend as regularly as the rest of us, but this should not lessen
our commitment to help them be as involved as they can be.

Jadzia had a very wise comment at the end of her note about how using this
site on a once a month basis may work well...but let us not become
complacent and keep our eyes open for other opportunities if we cannot come
to an arrangement with the management at the Corner Brewery for under 21
folks, and address the other issues of noise and workshops.

I was very encouraged by the attendance we had at the meeting and was very
happy to see so many stay afterwards to talk and meet folks they had not met
before. So, whether we stay with the Corner Brewery or not, I sincerely hope
that we find a meeting location that will continue to encourage this kind of


They deem me mad for I will not sell my days for gold; I deem them mad for
they think my days have a price.
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On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 10:00 AM, Heidi Lemon <heidi.ma2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> These are just my opinions.
> We would have loved to come, Kevin knows the area and the parking, food and
> social aspect are all a draw to us.   We were not able to make the meeting
> last night because we had to up by 4am this morning, however, we do go to
> the meetings at the League, when we can find parking, I give up after 20
> minutes and go home.   Not all of us can walk any distance.
> Anyhow, lets take a look at who comes to the meetings on a *regular*basis.  ????  I do not know of anyone who is a regular that is under 21.
> In fact, I do not see any college students at the meetings we attend.  It is
> the same 10 to 12 people every week at the U of M.
> The opinion of it not being private enough and or too public was brought
> up.   Don't we want people to know about us?    Would we ask a person at the
> U of M not to attend if they were walking by and stopped in to see what we
> were about?
> Just an FYI, there are many, many groups that do not have and are not
> dependent  the U of M or any school to hold there functions and they thrive
> and grow more than Cynnabar does.   And to be honest, they have better
> attendance than Cynnabar at meetings.
> The Dexter Library is a spot to meet.   Free, lots of parking, no age
> problem, no pressure for food but it is public.
> Ilse
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