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On Jul 27, 2010, at 11:17 AM, Art Sinclair wrote:

> While it is accurate that we do not currently have regular under 21  
> meeting attendees, I do not believe that this is a state that we  
> want to perpetuate. We have at least one member that is under 21,  
> and a student, interested in attending meetings when it can fit  
> into their schedule...

Although I wasn't at the meeting Monday, I know the Corner Brewery  
and like it as a meeting place. That being said, we actually have  
several members under 21, mostly children of other members, but a  
group thrives when it recruits young people before the rest get to  
the fossil stage. If we can't be open to college age, we are shooting  
ourselves in the foot.

So what about that "In before 9pm" thing? It isn't the same as "out  
by 9pm" is it????

BTW, Arin and I are open to sharing the driving load with west Ann  
Arbor area people.


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