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Mon Apr 25 21:04:46 UTC 2011

Here comes some important information regarding the A&S challenge -
please read and review, and it is not to late to enter!

If there is interest, we could even do a Cynnabar group challenge! We
have a lot of talented people in this barony and it would be fun to do
it all together.

Arin de Traenetorp

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May 1st is the midpoint for the A&S 50 Challenge project dreamed up by
Lady Albreda Aylese.  From the FAQ on the web site

"What the heck IS the A&S 50 Challenge?
The A&S 50 Challenge involves doing 50 things in the Arts and Sciences
between May 1st AS 42/2007 and May 1st AS 50/2015, in honor of the
SCA's 50th Birthday.  The Challenge is a chance to develop skills and
learn more about what interests you in a non-competitive,
community-based environment.  YOU decide what you want to do over the
eight year span, and get encouragement from the Challenge Community
along the way.  There are three types of Challenges, outlined below.
You can do one or several, alone or in groups - it is all up to you!"

and I would like to write an article on the 'state of the challenge'
in the Midrealm.  I would like your help!

This is a survey but it is very short.  To avoid gumming up lists,
please e-mail me privately with your replies:

1.) Are you or anyone else you know participating in the challenge?
(Please give Midrealm names so I can track the numbers)
2.) Are you/they from the Midrealm or outside the Midrealm?
3.) If you are not participating, have you even heard of the
Challenge? (and How/Where?)
4.) Have you seen the work of anyone in the Challenge?
5.) If so was it clearly marked as a Challenge piece or did you know
from previous knowledge only?
6.) Are you aware you can still take part in the Challenge and that
any work done after 1 May 2007 counts?
7.) Do you feel that an A&S 50 Challenge (yours or another person's)
has helped inspire you or teach you something? (Yes or No answers are
fine but elaboration would be helpful)
8.) How can I help this Challenge along?

Any comments about the Challenge are welcome and encouraged.

Thank you in advance,
Cathryn of Chester

A&S Ministers - Please forward to your local Midrealm lists if it
hasn't already made its way there.  I would like to get as much
coverage and accuracy on this as I can.

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