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This is also important!

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Feel free to share this widely.

All Midrealm Baronies, please take note: The Corporate office is now
-requiring- all baronies to produce a newsletter a minimum of
quarterly (four times a year). Most of the Midrealm baronies do so
already, but a few do not.

Please be advised, this is now Corporate Policy and I will be asking
my regionals to impress upon baronies without newsletters, that they
now -must- produce newsletters.

These can be electronic, print, or a combination of both.

Thank you all so much, chroniclers and webministers, for the essential
work you do!

Banbharun Siobhan O'Neill, CL, CP
Middle Kingdom Chronicler


Greetings.  At the April Board meeting the following changes to the Society
Chronicler Policies were approved by the Board of Directors:

New Policies

           1.         Addition to Section III.1. "Baronies must publish a
newsletter on a regular basis, no less frequently than quarterly."

                       2.         Add sub section 16 to Section II.(This is
from the information distributed with the release forms.  The request was
simply to include this information in the Policies.)

16.  Release forms are required for all intellectual property, artwork
submissions, and photographs included in SCA publications.  (Note: The
Compleat Anachronist uses different versions of these forms.)

a.         The forms (in Appendix IV) cannot be modified in any way except
to fill in the blanks and, if necessary, add the name of a specific
publication or web site.

b.         Chroniclers can receive the completed and signed forms
electronically.  Chroniclers must be able to supply a hard copy of the
completed form upon request, so the forms must be maintained in a reliable
file system.

c.         The SCA Creative Work Copyright Assignment/Grant of Use Form is
needed for all articles, poems, artwork, etc. (not officer letters or event

d.         The SCA Photograph Grant of Use Form is needed for all

           -           It is expected that some level of cropping or color
adjustment may occur, but if you are editing photos significantly, confirm
with the photographer that the finished images meets with the photographer's
approval for publication.

e.         The SCA Model Release Form is needed where an individual's facial
features are identifiable (not obscured by helmets, garb, shadowing, etc) in
the photograph.

           -           The SCA Model Release Form is not needed if the
person's face is not recognizable, even if their heraldry serves as a clear

f.          Even if there is a signed Model Release form on File, an image
or photograph which is published electronically must be removed upon the
request of anyone in the photo or at the request of the photographer.

Justification:  To provide information in the Society Chronicler policies
concerning the required use of the release forms.

           3.         Add Appendix IV: to include the three new forms (SCA
Model Release Form, SCA Photographer Grant of Use Form, and SCA Creative
Work Copyright Assignment/Grant of Use Form) along with the original
instruction sheet for using the new forms.

           Justification:  To provide a location for the forms within the
Society Chronicler Policies to serve as a reference.

           3.         Delete bullet from Statement of Ownership Section

           Remove bullet ". the cost of the subscriptions" in keeping with
the new statement of ownership approved by the Board of Directors 9-20-10.

The most important/relevant change is the addition to  Section III.1.
concerning the need for Baronial Chroniclers to publish a newsletter no less
than 4 times a year (specifically quarterly).  Baronies MUST have a
Chronicler since they have a publishing obligation and Chroniclers are the
ones responsible for that duty.

From:  Judith A Kirk <judith.a.kirk at wmich.edu>
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